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Foundation of CDS Car Design Studio

CDS was involved in the construction and design of modification parts from different car brands as well as parts for rally sports.

First total reconstruction

A forma Mitsubishi L300 was reconstructed for an expedition into the Sahara of Libya


Design and construction of pick-up living cabins

Due to the Demand for a lightweight living cell which can provide a large bed and has enough weight reserves for equipment. Arno Klenkhart designed his first Pick-Up cabin.

Renaming from CDS to GEOCAR

The Vikunja got adapted onto the former Mitsubishi L200 First parts of the interior have been made out of GRP glass-fiber reinforced plastic


First Vikon

The first living cell got mounted onto the frame of the vehicle instead of the load bed for additional storage room and a better weight distribution

Completion of the Condor

After about two years of development and construction of the prototype the first Condor got finished. This model was especially designed for the Mitsubishi L200. For the first time a geocar camper had a side entrance.


Condor Plus

Through ever- increasing vehicles the demand for a bigger living cell rose. With a widening of 10cm and an extension of the alcove about 30cm we could achieve this goal. The Condor Plus was born.

Reconstruction oft he Vikunja

During this time our Pick- Up cabin Vikunja got a totally redesign and implemented a few features from the very popular Condor plus, such as size and the alcove


Remake oft he Vikon

With the possibilities the new Vikunja offered the interest in a fixed version with a wide rear entrance showed up. Therefore, we produced the first Vikon of the new generation.

Foundation of the geocar gmbh

As well as the relocation from Traiskirchen to Bad Vöslau.


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