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Experience the dream of boundless travel off the beaten tracks.


The Camper for your Pickup

For about 30 years now, we develop and produce custom-build campers. Be it for short getaways, holidays or world tours, with a vehicle from geocar you will always have the right companion in any situation. 



Our vehicles provide both on the street and in open terrain an ideal handling due to their low weight and aerodynamic design.


Despite its compact design we place great value on sufficient comfort. Bright space, comfortable materials as well as elaborate placing of the facilities can cause great difference.


As with reliability and lifespan, the right materials are of great importance. Thus, we pay attention to use proved and reliable materials of best quality.

In Action in Iceland

Stefan Forster with his geocar „ULFUR“



Versatile | Adaptable

Our pickup cabin tranforms your pickup truck into an ideal all-purpose vehicle. Be it on holidays, off-road tripos or for common use, with this model you will always have the right vehicle available.

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Offroad | Expedition

Trough the disassembly of the load bed, this model provides even further storage space, to find room for all your equipment. Perfectly adapted for longer lasting adventures.

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Comfort | Luxury

2019 we start our biggest and most luxurious model range the Condor- X. Made to measure the Mercedes X-Class, this model accommodates up to 4 people owing a redesign of the interior.

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