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Pictures speak louder than words.

Since our vehicles are highly customized and thereby vary crucially regarding equipment, a consistent price- and facility- list canĀ“t be provides online.

Pictures of former projects below should provide an overview of our capabilities and your opportunities of different geocars.

Design Study

Based on a Bremach T_Rex, this design study was created in 2015, to illustrate our possibilities of a living cabin besides conventional pick-ups.

Condor Plus

At the alcove of this cabin you can see, where the original cell of the cabin was divided, stretched and reassembled. This area has been smoothed out on later models.

Test report Albacco

In the year 2000, this model attracted a lot of media attention. Due to the high cost of production, it was only produced once. However, some design elements went into subsequent models.

Vikunja beame Vikon

After almost ten years of use, we fixed the previously removable Vikunja in place of the load bed. With additional side panels it became a Vikon.

Bed surface

The bed can be folded out to reach a length of 2m.


The area in the kitchen is individually adapted to the customer in order to create optimal space.

More room than at first glance

Specially designed and constructed to create an additional nursery if required.

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Do you have questions about our living cabins, prices and delivery times? We will be happy to take the time to help you.

Also visit our FAQ page, where you will already find answers to many questions. Contact us today and let's discuss your requirements together. We look forward to hearing from you!

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