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Our semi-integrated living cabin
The truck camper VIKUNJA

Our VIKUNJA living cabin has been specifically designed for travelers who prefer an open living space feel during their adventures. This is particularly evident in the wide rear entry door, which seamlessly connects the cabin with the outside world. Additionally, the cabin on your pickup gets an integrated look as the taillights are integrated into the cabin. This unique design element combines the advantages of our geocamper demountable cabins with the integrated look of our geoscout models!


 Ultra-light construction made GRP (< 400kg)  Durable and easy to repair
 Compact and aerodynamic design  Good sound insulation
 Extremely off-road capable  Excellent indoor climate
 Good handling and fuel-efficient  Spacious bed (2.2 x 1.6m)
 No thermal bridges due to monocoque construction  Self-sufficiency possible with additional equipment
 Suitable for all seasons  Independent of the base vehicle
 Fully insulated  Headroom of 1.82m and 4 seats
 Appealing integrated design  Extensive additional equipment options available

Starting from € 42.500.-
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Suitable pickup trucks

In principle, all geocar models are compatible with most common pickup trucks. However, the VIKUNJA harmonizes particularly well with Double Cab pickup trucks, as the cabin seamlessly integrates with the rear of the vehicle. If you mount the VIKUNJA on a Single or Extra Cab, there will be a gap between the rear and the cabin, which can be used as additional storage space. If you own a different base vehicle as listed below, we kindly ask you to contact us!

The following models are suitable for the VIKUNJA:

Ford Ranger (Raptor) Nissan Navara
Toyota Hilux Fiat Fullback
Isuzu D-Max Dodge Ram
Mitsubishi L200 VW Amarok
Jeep Gladiator Mazda BT-50
Landrover Defender Ineos Grenadir

Our Promise

Driving comfort has been our top priority since the founding of our company. Thanks to our advanced construction, lightweight design, and sophisticated aerodynamic features, you will experience an unparalleled journey. Whether you embark on off-road adventures, travel the world, or leisurely cruise on the road, our geocamper living cabin ensures optimal stability and efficiency. With a low approach angle, perfect axle load distribution, and an ideal center of gravity, you will conquer any challenge.

Our cabins are crafted from high-quality GRP (glass fiber-reinforced plastic) and, thanks to their monocoque structure, are completely waterproof. You'll benefit from long-lasting robustness and can trust that your cabin will withstand the elements. Should damage occur, repairs are straightforward and can even be carried out independently while on the go. You can confidently forgo regular cabin maintenance and servicing.

Our well-thought-out spatial concept offers an optimal layout and ample storage space to cater to all your needs. The spacious bed, measuring 2 meters in length and 1.80 meters at its widest point, as well as 1.40 meters at its narrowest, provides enough room for 2-3 people. Additionally, a comfortable seating area is located in the front part of the cabin, accommodating up to 4 people. Even when the bed is unfolded, you can still comfortably dine and spend cozy hours together in this area.

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geocamper VIKUNJA
175cm = floor length in cm
WD = wide door (wide entry door)
03 = 3rd Generation

Weitere Modelle

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