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The new geoscout

With the geoscout, we present you with a body-mounted living cabin for your pickup that sets new standards. In contrast to the geocamper cabins, the geoscout is connected to your vehicle at the original attachment points of the loading area. This innovative design makes it possible to do away with the loading area and thus opens up limitless space and design possibilities for you.

As with all our cabins, our main focus is on ride comfort. Since our company was founded, we have set the highest standards to give you an unparalleled ride. Thanks to the advanced construction, low weight and sophisticated aerodynamic design, you will experience a ride unlike any other vehicle.

Whether you're going on an off-road adventure, travelling the world or relaxing on the road, our geoscout camper cab ensures optimum stability and efficiency. With a low angle of repose, perfect axle load distribution and an ideal centre of gravity, you'll master any challenge that comes your way.

Experience the boundless freedom and comfort of the geoscout. Immerse yourself in a world of adventure and unforgettable experiences. What are you waiting for? Start your journey with geoscout - your perfect companion for unforgettable adventures!

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geoscout 175-WD-03

geoscout = built-on cabin (cabin is connected to the vehicle)
175 = floor length in cm
WD = wide door
03 = our 3rd generation

The geoscout 175-WD-03 is the 3rd generation of our built-on cabins. Unlike the geocamper, the cabin is connected to the ladder frame and offers you more space and weight savings by eliminating the loading area. It also has a floor length of 175cm and is suitable for a double cab pickup. The wide entrance door at the rear also offers an open feeling of space. Two additional exterior storage doors are fitted as standard, giving you more storage space. A spare wheel holder and a hatch from the driver's cabin to the living cabin can be fitted as options.

geoscout 195-ND-04

geoscout = built-on cabin (cabin is connected to the vehicle)
195 = floor length in cm
ND = narrow door
04 = our 4th generation

The geoscsout 195-ND-04 is built as the 4th generation of geocar and offers a floor length of 195cm. Due to its partial integration with the base vehicle, it offers more space and external stowage flaps for more storage space.

geoscout 175-LD-03

geoscout = built-on cabin (cabin is connected to the vehicle)
175 = floor length in cm
LD = lateral door
03 = our 3rd generation

The geoscsout 195-ND-04 is the 4th generation of its type and, unlike all other geocar models, has a side cabin entrance. Due to this feature, a different layout is possible. It provides space for the kitchenette in the rear part and a fold-out children's room can be realised as an option.

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